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All In 1 Handyman offers various types of home moving handyman services. We can help you with packing and crating of your most expensive valuables or we can help with unpacking and setting up your washer and dryer or even installing your wall mount flat screen TV. Lets face it, moving is not fun, whether packing or unpacking, it can be very stressful and overwhelming. So if you have to move or have just moved in, let our Reliable Handyman, Home Moving Services come along side and help you in this stressful process.


Home Moving Services are:Home Moving Services


Custom Crating: for TV, Artwork, Sculptures, etc…

Building & Disassembling: Cabinets, Table, Beds, etc…

Installing & Setting Up: Washer & Dryer, Flat Screen TV, Artwork, etc…

Hauling Away: Boxes, Packing Material, Unwanted Stuff, etc…



Moving Tips:

Things to Consider when getting ready to move: Start by asking some simply question?

Like, how did my past moves go? Was I organized, or unorganized? Did I have a big budget or a smaller one?

Is this a down sizing move, or are you moving into a lager house?

What is your support structure for this move? Do you have family and friends close by that can help or is your company moving you and your family?

Is this move been brought on by a spouse passing away? Do you have your kids near by to help or do you need a move manager?

Are you getting new appliances at your new house (washer, dryer & refrigerator)?


Organizing for Moving:

Lets face it, the better you are organized the better your move will go. So how does this happen? Think of your move in three different compartments, first label or section off a part of the house for the most important things (clothes, computer, work stuff, coffee maker, kids clothes, a favorite toy etc.). Second area or labeled items is important, but not used in the every day life, these things can be boxed up now and labeled, and in some cases they can go into a storage unit for move day or can be packed into a moving pod that has been dropped in your driveway. The third section or area is for those things that you are not sure about. This area you could break into three section also, one, for a donation pick up, two still need to go through, three is for those things that you are passing down to family or on to friends (like kids toys and clothes). In some cases the side of the house might be for things that need to be hauled away to the trash dump prior to the move. In extreme cases you might need to call a got junk company to haul the trash away. For more on organizing for moving, click here.


Down Sizing Move:

Knowing what size of move is so important. In this day most people are having to down size due to lost jobs or pay decreases. The distance of the move can also dictate what large items you are will to take. Moving is not cheat, so the bigger and more items you are moving the more it will cost. Some people now a days are selling there larger stuff on craigslist, like living room and dining room furniture, then repurchasing this thing when they move into there new home, from craigslist or furniture companies that are having going out of business sales.


Support Structure for Your Move:

Your family and friends can be your best resource for your move. This is great for the much needed help of packing and moving boxes into place for move day. This also can be a way that you can bless them with things that you won’t need or can not take with you due to the size of moving truck or house you are moving to. If your support structure is out side of your family and friends, like your company that is paying for your move or giving you a moving allowance. In these situations the stress of moving has been made very easy. For a time I was hired by a third party moving company to come into the move and help unconnect or reconnect appliances and help in building and crating and uncrating of  TV’s, art work, and sculptures. Now a days companies are not doing these types of paid moves, were you have third and fourth party that make the move go so smoothly. This is why it is so important to have great friends and family members to help in this stressful event called moving.


Moving Brought on by a Lose of a Spouse:

These types of move are usually the toughest, one because the lost of life, but secondly is the overwhelming sense of moving and having to go through years of stuff. I was asked to help out on one of these situation were my friends dad died of brain cancer and the mom was overwhelmed with the move. I was asked to come in and disassemble a large bed, remove the mouse head from the fireplace area, and remove all the stuff from the garage attic, so it could be sorted through to determined whether to keep, throw away or donate. While helping my friends mom out, I met a wonderful lady with Clearly Efficient, My friend hired this move manager to manager all the details of move. At that time I had never heard of a move manager before, but I was very impressed with this young lady from Huntington Beach who was handling this situation like a champ.


Here is a Blog about Moving in and Dryer Hook Ups

Irvine Handyman Helps Irvine Resident Move In, All In 1 Handyman was contacted by an Irvine resident to help install and hooking up their washer and dryer. When moving, some movers will or will not install your washer and dryer. In this case the new Irvine resident bought new water line hoses and new dryer exhaust vent and gas line. So Irvine Handyman Service showed to install and hook up the washer and dryer. Upon starting All In 1 Handyman found out the movers had hooked up the washer and dryer, but in the rush of it, they crushed the dryer vent when they slide it back. So Irvine Handyman Service disconnected the washer and pulled it out as far as possible, then disconnected the dryer and reconnected the dryer using the new dryer vent and gas line. Installing and hooking the dryer up in place is the key to not crimping or pinching the gas line or the exhaust vent. If the exhaust vent gets pinched or bent, the time to dry your clothes or the chance of a fire greatly increases. So once the dryer was installed and hooked up correctly, next was to install and hook up the wash machine. Thanks to Irvine Handyman Service for helping this Irvine Resident move in, they now have peace that their laundry room won’t catch on fire or flood and that their clothes dry at the appropriate time. Click here to view blog.

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