Home Design Handyman Services

All In 1 Handyman offers home design Handyman services, in the form of various types of installations. We can work with our designers or your interior designer to make all your art installations and window treatments a success. Give All In 1 Handyman a call today to turn your dream or vision of your home into a art deco palace.


Home Design Services are:

Exterior Art Installation


Art Installations: Interior & Exterior

Hanging Art & Mirrors

Window Treatment Installation

Light Installations


Examples of Art Installations:

Inversion Tunnel House

People passing by this building in Houston may have wondered whether it had suddenly turned into a black hole, or was the setting of some kind of explosion that defies the laws of physics. In fact, the strange tunnel was an art installation called ‘Inversion’ by Dan Havel and Dean Ruck, which was created just before the building was due to be torn down and replaced with a larger structure. The tunnel actually goes all the way through the building, ending in a private courtyard.
Irvine Art & Light InstallationIrvine Handyman Light and Art Installations

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