Retaining Wall Fence

For this retaining wall fence job was in Eagle Point Oregon, All in 1 Handyman used an Eco-Block wall ( This cost-effective wall uses stackable foam blocks, concrete, and has a rebar in the middle, which adds a great amount of strength. All in 1 Handyman then used a Dryvit stucco system ( which was sprayed on using a hopper spraying system. A 4×4 pressure treated post was sunk into the wall and a cedar fence was built on top of that to ensure maximum privacy.  Vent walls and some drainage pipes were also added to the fence configuration.  The finished wall is beautiful, eco-friendly, and effective! Medford Handyman

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  1. Steve does a very thorough and professional job . He is meticulous about doing quality work which is where most contractors cut corners. I would definetly use his services again.

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