Newport Beach Window Dry Rot Repair

For this Newport Beach Window Dry Rot Repair, All In 1 Handyman was asked to make the necessary repairs for the home inspection check list. This Newport Beach client is in the process of selling their house and thought it would be good to acquire a home inspection sooner than later. So one of the first things on the list was to repair all the dry rot. So Newport Beach Handyman went to work at digging out all the dry rot, on window seals and hand railing to assess the full scope of damages. Next All In 1 Handyman Bondo each of those areas, sanded and then primer them. To finish it off, a full coat of white oil base paint was applied to the entire window and water base paint for the hand railing. Newport Beach Handyman Service also made adjustments to the sprinkler timer box, sprinkler valve and to each individual sprinklers; to help in keeping unnecessary water off the exterior wood work and windows of this beautiful Newport Beach Home.

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