Irvine Handyman Installs Leviton Occupancy Sensor Switch

All In 1 Handyman was contacted to install two new occupancy sensor wall switches, a light and repair two toilets. First Irvine handyman service showed up to evaluate the problems with the toilets and the pantry light fixture. It was determined that one toilet needed a new fill value and the other one a new flapper. The problem with the pantry was that the ceiling dropped to a lower height due to the stairs and also the light had a large glass globe that the client kept hitting there head on. So Irvine handyman service suggested installing a low profile light fixture with a plastic globe.

A lot of the new construction here in Irvine comes with these infrared wall switches, but not every room comes with one. So two more Leviton occupancy sensor infrared wall switches were installed, one in the pantry were most often someone would leave the light on after snacking. The other occupancy sensor was installed in the laundry room where on numerous occasions one person or another would leave the light on. These high tech wall switches have a secret spot on the front that can adjust the sensitivity of the infrared sensor. The other one has a setting of 1, 2, 3, this is for how long the light will stay on, 1 is for 5 minutes, 2 is for 15 minutes and 3 is for 30 minutes. This client wanted them set on 1, she also asked All In 1 Handyman to adjust the other three that where installed in the bathrooms to be set to 5 minutes. Thanks to Irvine Handyman Services this honey dew list has been complete just in time for the arrival of twins baby boys.