Low Maintenance Rental Yard

For this Low Maintenance Rental Yard job in Orange County California, All In 1 Handyman was ask to make this rental back yard as maintenance free as possible. First Orange County Handyman removed all grass, plants and broken fence. Next was repairing a section of fence. Then All In 1 Handyman re-sculpt the yard, by moving dirt and grading it to be level, and then installing landscape fabric. Finally Orange County Handyman bought in three and half yards of blue ridge rock to finish it off. Now the owner and renter are well please that they don’t have to deal with weeds and plant over growth ever again, thanks to All In 1 Handyman

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  1. Jay Lad

    I used Steve to craft a low maintenance back yard for my rental property in East Costa Mesa, Crange Country, CA. Steve did a fantastic job. He was very cost effective, reliable, extremely transparent with his day to day work and a great contractor to work with. He also installed a concrete slab paved walk way. I will definitely use Steve again for other work I need to do on my rental properties – he is truly a rare find when it comes to a handyman in orange county.

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