Irvine Office Remodel

For this Irvine office remodel job, All in 1 Handyman was called in to remodel the front office of this local Irvine company. Working with a decorator, Irvine Handyman Service was able to improve the overall look and feel of the front office space. First in thisĀ Irvine office remodel job, two walls were completely repainted to change the atmosphere of the room. Next, pictures were strategically hung and plants were rearranged to create the ideal setting. As a final touch, a LCD TV was mounted on the wall to provide entertainment for waiting visitors. This once ordinary front Irvine office is now comfortable, welcoming, and professional thanks to Irvine Handyman Service!

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  1. Terry from Huntington Beach

    Hey Guys, nice article about remodeling. Keep up the good work, that office looks great.

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