Irvine Home Repair Maintenance

For this Irvine home repair maintenance project, All in 1 Handyman was called on to do various maintenance and repairs on a seven-year-old Irvine home. First, All in 1 Handyman installed a new garage door seal. After installing it, Irvine Handyman Service noticed that 60% of the bolts and nuts on the garage door hinges were loose. To fix the problem, all of the bolts and wheels were tightened and oiled. The client also had two dead bolt locks that were jammed and broken. All in 1 Handyman removed both locks and replaced them with smart key dead bolt locks. Then, Irvine Handyman Service installed a new outlet for a flat screen TV and a Direct TV box.  As the final step, All in 1 Handyman spent an entire day painting the interior walls to cover up scuff marks. Now this Irvine home is beautiful and functional again, thanks to Irvine Handyman Service!


  1. Scottsdale Home Builder

    Thank you for work done with integrity, honesty and reliability handyman service…And I want to remodel my Bathroom this informative info. give me more idea.

  2. Shawn from Irvine

    I have been looking for home repairman for the longest time. I’ve had a hard time fixing leaks, roofs and my garage. I am looking forward to working with Irvine Handyman Service.

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