Irvine Handyman Replaces Fascia Boards and Siding

Irvine Handyman Replaces Fascia Boards and Siding, All In 1 Handyman was contacted by a Deer Field, Irvine resident to replace rotted siding and fascia boards. First Irvine handyman was asked to replace some T 1 11 siding that was destroyed by the neighbors sprinklers. All in 1 handyman finishing up with the siding repairs with Peel Stop, then with oil base primer and then with a top coat of exterior flat finish paint. Irvine Handyman also noticed that the fascia boards and some of the 2×4 support boards had termite damage and dry rot damage. ┬áSo All In 1 Handyman suggested that the fascia boards needed to be replaced or treated. The owner said that the fascia boards had been treated already, but Irvine Handyman found more damage, so the owner went ahead and had the fascia boards replaced. Thanks to All In 1 Handyman, these fascia boards and siding problems did not get any worse, but got replaced before more damage occurred.

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