Irvine Handyman Installs LED Exterior Light Fixture

All In 1 Handyman was contacted by a Mission Viejo resident to install outlets and light fixtures. More and more request come into Irvine Handyman Service for making their clients home more energy efficient. One simply way is to change your light fixture or even just a light bulb.

Living in California a lot of the new light fixtures are designed for special fluorescent light bulbs that don’t twist in but turn in a quarter of a turn or push straight in and snap in. In just the past six months or so LED lights have become cheaper and even far less energy efficient than fluorescent bulbs and especially incandescent bulbs. So if your goal for your house is to save on electricity and if you are thinking of purchasing new light fixtures: make sure to look at the box closely to see what kind of light bulb it takes. For this client, he really wanted to change as much as he could of his light bulbs over to LED’s.

All In 1 Handyman install three new exterior light fixtures with LED light bulbs, but also the client had invested in changing all of his kitchen light bulbs over to LED’s. One thing to consider is if you have and want to use dimmer switches, you will still need to use an incandescent light bulb, unless you are willing to spend the 30+ dollars for the special dimmable fluorescent light bulbs. Thanks to Irvine Handyman for installing these LED exterior light fixture, this house has become more energy efficient.