Irvine Handyman Helps Irvine Resident Move In

Irvine Handyman Helps Irvine Resident Move In, All In 1 Handyman was contacted by an Irvine resident to help install and hooking up their washer and dryer. When moving, some movers will or will not install your washer and dryer. In this case the new Irvine resident bought new water line hoses and new dryer exhaust vent and gas line. So Irvine Handyman Service began to install and hook up the washer and dryer.

Upon starting All In 1 Handyman found out the movers had hooked up the washer and dryer, but in the rush of it, they crushed the dryer vent when they slid it back. So we disconnected the washer and pulled it out as far as possible, then disconnected the dryer and reconnected the dryer using the new dryer vent and gas line. Installing and hooking the dryer up in place is the key to not crimping or pinching the gas line or the exhaust vent. If the exhaust vent gets pinched or bent, the time to dry your clothes or the chance of a fire greatly increases.

So once the dryer was installed and hooked up correctly, next was to install and hook up the wash machine. Thanks to Irvine Handyman Service for helping this Irvine Resident move in; they now have peace of mind that their laundry room won’t catch on fire or flood and that their clothes dry at the appropriate time.