Irvine Handyman Hangs Window Blinds In Stairwell

Irvine Handyman Hangs Window Blinds in Stairwell, All In 1 Handyman was contacted by a Woodbury Irvine resident about hanging three sets of window blinds in there stairwell. When Irvine Handyman Service showed up, they assessed the height of the stairwell and how much higher the three windows are. Next was to set up a twenty four foot extension ladder setting on the stairs, and leaning up against the tall wall. Then an eight foot A-frame ladder was set up on the landing, with a two by twelve by twelve feet long plank connecting the two ladders together. These blinds were custom ordered for each window; also there were extra-long rods for adjusting the blinds from the stairwell. After getting all set up for a safe install, All In 1 Handyman installed each blind with precision. After installing Irvine Handyman removed the ladders and wood planks with utmost care not to scuff or damage the walls. Thanks to All In 1 Handyman this window blind install only took about an hour and fifteen minutes. This made the Irvine resident, quit happy and now they have privacy in the living room from their neighbors who have the exact windows on their stairwell next to them.


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    Thanks for giving ideas about hanging window blinds in stairwells. I have never seen such a helpful blog.

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