Irvine Handyman Cleans Out Dryer Vents

This Woodbridge Irvine home owner contacted All In 1 Handyman to do various types of home maintenance. One of these home maintenance’s was cleaning out his gas dryer vent ducting.

It has been estimated that as many as 15,000 fires start in laundry rooms every year. This is due to lack of maintenance to the dyer and the dryer ducting that runs out the back of the dryer and through the house and out the side of the house. Home owners leave there homes every day, not even thinking that they could have a possible fire danger lurking in there home.

This client said that he had never had his vents cleaned out, but in the same breath said he was always faithful at cleaning out his lint trap. When I began to sweep the ducting, which was about 25 feet long, my vacuum hose clogged up about 5 times due to large hard pieces of lent. By the time we finished cleaning out these dryer vents, there was about 2 gallons worth of compressed lent. Not only did All In 1 Handyman clean out the dryer ducting, but also the inside of the dryer too. This is were most dyer fires start, especially gas dryers like this one. Know that all the lent has been successfully removed, Irvine Handyman has completely removed the possibility of having a lent dryer fire in this Woodbridge Irvine home.