Irvine Handyman Changes Parking Lot and Office Light Bulbs

Irvine Handyman changes Parking lot and Office Light Bulbs, All In 1 Handyman was contacted by a local Irvine company that was in need of some parking lot, warehouse and office light bulbs changed. Irvine Handyman Service suggested that this company should invest in a twelve foot and an eighteen foot A-frame ladders, instead of renting a scissor lift every time a light bulb goes out. Once the ladders arrived All In 1 Handyman removed one of the four hundred watt light bulbs from the parking lot lights, so the proper light bulbs could be ordered. Next was to replace about fifth teen fluorescent lights in the warehouse and then to replace about eight office fluorescent light bulbs. After replacing the light bulbs, it was discovered that there were about three ballast that needed to be replaced. After the proper ballast were installed, Irvine Handyman Service replaced two back up power supply ballast in the office area and then finished up with installing the seven parking lot bulbs. Thanks to Irvine Handyman Service for changing these parking lot and office light bulbs, the office and parking lot is once again very bright.

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