Irvine Handyman Builds Gate Fence for Dog Run

Irvine Handyman Builds Gate Fence for Dog Run, All In 1 Handyman was contacted by an Irvine Resident about building a small fence and a gate to create a dog run. This client recently moved in, so they needed to create an area for their dogs, where they would not get in trouble by chewing up plants, hoses, sprinkler heads.  So it was determined to create a dog run on the side of the house where there is an assess door into the house and a front gate. This served as the perfect area for a dog run.

Irvine Handyman went to work building a small fence and gate to enclose the back side of this area. Since this area had already been built with flag stone. Irvine Handyman had to install a four by four post in the middle. So All In 1 Handyman used pressure treated lumber and a Simpson tie strap, lag bolt and lag shield to anchor the post to the flag stone. On the back yard side there was an eighteen inch high flag stone flower bed. So Irvine Handyman butted the post and fence board up to the flower bed to strap the post into it, to give extra support to this post.

Next was to anchor two, two by fours into the stucco and cinder block wall. Then three, two by four stringer were added to create the frame for the fence. Next Irvine Handyman built a picture like frame for the gate, installed with new hardware and last was to install all the fence boards. Thanks to All In 1 Handyman, the dogs have been secured to the side of the house and now there new patio furniture can be delivered and they can begin to start entertaining without any dogie messes.