All In 1 Handyman routinely install items like ceiling fans, smoke detectors, recessed lighting, WiFi thermostat and light fixtures for satisfied customers. These types of electrical devices can make your life more safe and comfortable, so when considering upgrading call All In 1 Handyman to help you in choosing the latest, problem free, and best intuitive design.

Our teams also install whole-home generators, electric vehicle chargers, and solar panels. These types of upgrades provide a priceless level of peace of mind.

Whatever electrical services you require, rest assured that you can count on All IN 1 Handyman for outstanding installation, clear communication, and honest pricing.

Electrical Services is composed of three units: Electrical, Electronic Low Voltage, and High Voltage. The Electrical Unit maintains secondary voltage power distribution systems, performing such utility functions as: installation of new electrical circuits; maintenance and repair of building switchboards; repair of indoor and outdoor lighting systems; general troubleshooting and repair of electrical distribution systems. The Electronics and Low Voltage Unit installs and maintains permanent systems such as fire alarms, clocks, and bell systems. The High Voltage Unit operates and maintains extensive high voltage power distribution systems. This unit performs such functions as: Repair or replacement of underground or overhead distribution lines; Rerouting of power distribution to back-up circuits during emergencies.