Garage Remodel Dog Grooming Studio

For this client in Oregon, they requested a garage remodel dog grooming studio. All In 1 Handyman was tasked with transforming the garage into a dog grooming studio where the client could care for her show dogs. To accomplish this, All In 1 Handyman insulated all of the walls and ceilings. Next came an installed attic ladder, followed by sheet rock that was textured, primed, and painted, and new lights. All In 1 Handyman added two coats of epoxy to the flooring as well.  A large bathtub was put in for bathing the dogs, as well as shelves to hold all of the grooming supplies. Cleaning and grooming dogs is no longer a problem for this Oregon dog lover! Medford Handyman

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  1. Catherine Lamoureux

    Steve Bowman has done a number of things in our home. He built a beautiful solid fence exactly to my specifications, finished my garage which included a custom grooming station for washing my 150 lb. dogs, and installed a gigantic dog door in the wall for them as well. All permits were aquired by Steve, saving me from having to deal with the county:) All work was done in a timely and professional manner. If good hard work done with honesty and integrity is what you’re after, Steve is your man.

    Catherine Lamoureux

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