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Newport Beach Tile Repair

Posted by on Jun 5, 2000 in Blog, Gallery, Interior & Exterior Painting, Newport Beach Blogs | 0 comments

Newport Beach Tile Repair

This Newport Beach tile repair job, was located on Balboa Island. The client called on All in 1 Handyman to repair tiles that had fallen off the second story balcony, do to the heat. After assessing the problem, Newport Beach Handyman Service suggested installing a wood strip under the tile to support them and keep them from falling again. All in 1 Handyman went to work installing the one by two wood strip below the tile line, to add the needed support. Next was re-install the tiles that had fallen off and grout the tiles in. Then, Newport Beach Handyman Service primed the wood strip and caulked the bottom side, next was a full coats of paint were applied to the fascia boards with two coats of high gloss oil base paint. Now the house and the balcony are beautiful once again, and all of the people walking along the boardwalk can enjoy looking at it, thanks to All In 1 Handyman!


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